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via appia_map

via_appia_map_Bild(Regina Viarum) goes back to the 4th Century b.C. Along it are running the paths of the Via Francigena or Via dell’Angelo used by pilgrims for 10 centuries but today altogether forgotten.

Walk with us on the historical Via Appia to Rome
(April 23rd - May 7th 2013)

The Roman Via Appia (Regina Viarum or Queen of all Roads) dates back to the4th Century b.C. Apostles walked on it, emperors, and Popes, saints as S. Francis of Assisi and S. Thomas of Aquino, artists as Petrarca and Tasso and Goethe (remember his book "Travel in Italy"), musicians as Mozart. Along it are running the paths of the Via Francigena or Via dell'Angelo, used by pilgrims for 10 centuries but today almost forgotten. Since 6 years we are striving to revive it, walking from Teano in Campania crossing the river Garigliano to Rome (some 260 km in 16 days, 350 m max. difference in level).

The itinerary is very interesting. It is dotted by Roman temples, cistercian Basilicas, monasteries and hermitages, by castles and Renaissance palaces in villages sometimes older than Rome. We walk on sandy beaches along the sea, on mountains or country paths, along the shores of 4 lakes, in 5 natural parks, in thick woods and through the Mediterranean vegetation, 20% is on original Roman roads. We make an effort to enjoy the cultural, spiritual and social values of the way, to attend concerts of local ancient music composers. Above all we appreciate the company of our fellow pilgrims and local communities.
Some of the participants are religiously motivated.
In each place we will meet local communities. However, you can avoid any involvement, and enjoy time on your own. On the negative side: some 8 % of the way is on national roads with heavy traffic and 22% is on paved roads (but with limited traffic).
At the arrival we will receive the "Testimonium", a recognition parchment from the Vatican (May 8th).
The route: from Teano April 23rd to Sessa Aurunca, Castelforte, Minturno, Formia, Fondi, Terracina, Fossanova, Sezze, Bassiano, Sermoneta, Ninfa, Cori, Velletri, Castelgandolfo, ROMA May 7th.The day after we will attend the "Welcome" festivities..
Enrollment: 10 €. Daily cost per person: 2€ insurance legally required in Italy for any group with a guide. 3 € vehicle for luggage transportation and assistance (only if desired).
Hospitality suggested: in double room, breakfast & evening meal. (Average cost: 45 €). Sometimes in cheaper hostels in multibed rooms.(Average cost with meal: 32 €). If desired, pilgrims can arrange their own keep.
We are a small "non profit" association (20 members) of friends expert in pilgrimages and resident along the pilgrims' route. We are not tourist operators. Our guides pay for their own expenses. They speak English and elementary German.

Our objective: to re–establish (and sometimes reinvent) a century old way to go on foot from the south to Rome. We make a special effort to develop the cultural⁄spiritual contents of the way and to cultivate friendship along the way. Collaboration and participation from pilgrim participants is welcomed.

Participation to a part only of the walk is not encouraged, but accepted for at least 5 stages.
To reach Teano take the train from Rome (Termini station) to Minturno.
The walk is physically not very demanding, but some previous training is recommended.
Our group will be of no more than 25 people. About 40% are foreigners.
Foreign pilgrims of the two past walks are prepared to answer your queries.

"Pilgrims pass borders". This walk is partaking of the important itinerary being developed from Norway to Italy planned for 2014 with possible continuation to Jerusalem.

Whom to contact:
Alberto Alberti, Largo Pepere 24, 00151 Roma tel. 39065370765
portable 393491648614 E–mail: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!